Vigoreon Investments – advisory services for french speakers

What is Vigoreon Investments ?

Vigoreon Investments is 100% owned by Sandrine Maquet and provides thorough and in-depth investment advisory services for French speakers looking to invest in properties in the United-States. They are specialized in assisting their clients with real estate purchases, finding the right contractors, inspecting the properties, overseeing the renovation projects and providing effective property management.

Vigoreon Investments seeks to best analyze clients’ investment goals, propose the best matching real estate opportunities,  coordinate renovations and oversee property management. All to build longstanding relationships with avid investors.

Sandrine Maquet is an accomplished real estate and renovation coordination expert with demonstrated success in financial, accounting, commercial, and administrative management in construction and renovation companies in France.

She was the successful co-owner and manager of two construction companies for 20 years, coordinating real estate renovations and managing budgets.

Her experience has earned Sandrine to be a recognized entrepreneur, a successful real estate investor and realtor, and an expert in renovation coordination and property management, skilled at identifying profitable opportunities and leading renovations to produce profitable investments.

Sandrine’s success and experiences in France are the inspiration behind Vigoreon.

What do they offer ?

The Company targets these international investors, providing the following key services:

  • advisory and consulting services on US real estate
  • assistance in finding and analyzing the right investments
  • coordinating renovations for clients, and
  • ensuring investors have an overall professional experience with a team of trusted advisors.
  • The Company will ensure that all clients experience exceptional services, with the goal of ensuring repeat business as a trusted partner in the industry.

By providing these services, Vigoreon Investments helps investors make significant profits, which can then be invested into more real estate development opportunities throughout the country, therefore creating more jobs and further benefiting the U.S. economy. Ms. Sandrine Maquet is in a unique position to assist new and experienced French-speaking investors to invest in US properties, providing them with a full range of renovation and property management services.



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