The Pitch Place: Innovation in the information and media market

The Pitch Place is a new project imagined by freelance science journalist and author Christina Reed and startup developer Philippe Brégeon. Their goal is to fill the need in the media market to connect editors with journalists around the world.
The Pitch Place is there to help solve two major problems freelance journalists face: selling their story ideas and getting paid in a timely manner once the story is published. The Pitch Place is also there as a key resource for editors looking to find journalists on location when they need a story covered fast. 

Visit: to register and start getting connected! The Pitch Place is planning to launch the beta version of the platform soon and is currently looking for investors.

Who is the Pitch Place for? 

The Pitch Place is made for journalists, editors, media producers, stringers, fixers, and public relations officers. Pitch a story on the Pitch Place when you have a story idea and need to find a commissioning editor. Post a job when you have a story and need to hire the best person or team to cover it.    

The Pitch Place is the place for pitches! Through this platform, news editors and media producers will have the opportunity to find story ideas that will resonate with their audience.
Journalists and PR representatives from around the world can pitch their story ideas securely through the site and know that they are reaching the right editors who are receptive to commissioning assignments on that subject. 

If you’re already a seasoned freelance journalist, the Pitch Place can help broaden your reach internationally. If you are just starting out as a freelance journalist — as a student, a retiree, or a recently unemployed news reporter or broadcast journalist — you can count on the Pitch Place to help make new connections, find homes for your story ideas, and new work opportunities. 

Why choose The Pitch Place?

Using the tools of the Pitch Place, journalists can pitch multiple editors and choose the best home for their story idea. Editors have the opportunity to obtain unique stories from journalists around the world or search the inflow of story pitches from PR representatives using selected filters.

The searchable events calendar keeps platform users up-to-date on networking opportunities, fellowship and award deadlines, embargoed news releases and more.
By providing easy and secure payment methods, the Pitch Place makes sure journalists get paid on time, and that the job is done right — benefitting both the journalist as well as the company who has hired them.

Platform users can showcase their talents with a profile page that is dynamic and evaluative. Client reviews from previous work experience can motivate others to want to work with you.

Outside of the platform, the Pitch Place plans to help professionals organize email campaigns, sharpen their advertising or self-promotion skills, optimize search engine results, deliver presentations, and host press and journalistic networking events.


The Pitch Place is an innovative platform specifically for the journalism market, one that represents 97 billion dollars. With the widespread transfer of local news to online media and the reduction of newspaper staff, more and more professional news journalists are finding themselves forced into freelance careers. However, the consumption and production of news media that is trustworthy is increasingly in high demand. The Pitch Place is uniquely positioned to help freelancers in this ever-changing environment. 

The Pitch Place is the first to cover this market in a comprehensive and freelance-minded manner. It provides access to commissioning editors, job listings, helps journalists network, and keeps them up to date with events. The Pitch Place is the perfect platform for freelancers who want to make a name for themselves in the field.

Team members

Christina Reed: international freelance science journalist, author of two books on the history of science, and communications consult for multiple organizations, including UNESCO. She is currently working as a writer and editor for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Philippe Bregeon: Director of Business Development EMEA for a large global marketing company and the mentor of Station F, the world’s largest startup campus.

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