Sentinel Background Checks: Your prerequisite to a safe hire

Sentinel Background Checks, nationally accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), is a premier background check provider based in Florida. It serves clients throughout the United States.

Its goal is to help you hire faster and safer through a suite of background checks, verification and drug screening services.

The company is here to help employers and property managers make informed decisions and protect their assets.
Checks differ depending on the circumstances, however, all applicants go through the same process. Fairness prevents the possibility of discrimination lawsuits and will help you build a true connection with both customers and employees. 

Sentinel Background Checks is valued and recommended by its clients. The efficiency and vivacity of their experts make the company stand out from the competition. With short turnaround times, top-notch customer service, and quality results delivered quickly, they build customer loyalty that not only stays with the company, but recommends it to others.

Why call on SBC?

A company must be represented by competent personnel to be productive and profitable. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to properly select its candidates. 

SBC’s professional team assesses your needs and develops the best program for your organization. We help you find the right person for the right job and the right environment. We identify the best performer, increasing productivity and synergy within the company. 

To be competitive, SBC uses a variety of assessment tools: 
– To increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and agility, the company offers to handle the integration of your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and streamline your process by automating your entire hiring process.
– SBC also specializes in background screening services. They offer companies a wide selection of screening products and tools to help you learn about your applicants. If you want to check their identity, their criminal record or their drinking habits, this is the offer for you.
– Sentinel Background Checks understands that each industry has unique and specific requirements that must be addressed. Their background check solutions can therefore be industry specific. These services were created based on experience and in-depth industry knowledge. 
– The company also uses time-saving screening tools to select the most qualified candidates for you and screen out unqualified applicants.

These tools accurately predict performance and retention while significantly increasing results and candidate flow.
Their assessments allow you to rank candidates based on their profile: Management, Sales, Call Center, Service, Individual Contributors, Career Management, Contractors or Organizational Assessments. 

Hire Faster And Efficiently

Want to recruit quickly and easily? SBC offers you an all-in-one applicant tracking software, which gives you access to integrated scientific tools that will help you make better hiring decisions
This software allows you to facilitate the distribution of your offers and increase the flow of candidates.

With this in mind, the company offers to take care of your personalized job site, share the jobs on your company’s intranet, website or social media, and send them to many major and specialized job sites and aggregators, including Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor and many more!
But that’s not all, it also uses assessment tools to pre-screen candidates by ranking them and then selecting the best candidates.   
The software tracks the top candidates and their progress through your recruitment process. The quick review allows you to efficiently move from one candidate to another. Access the complete history of any candidate at any time!

At the end of the hiring process, the software provides reports on time to hire, retention, candidate source performance and turnover. 
The “Time to Hire” report accurately reflects your organization’s hiring velocity from job posting to the candidate’s first day at the job.

Prove to your future employer that they can hire you with confidence

It is now possible for you to carry out a personal background check by yourself.
You will then be able to prove to your future employer that he can hire you with confidence.

If you want to obtain more information, do not hesitate to visit their website:
Podcasts are available in the “Blog” tab.

FRAMCO is honored to count SBC as a member and we look forward to helping employers find the best candidates for their business!

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