Roche Holding: Inclusive student housing

Roche Holding is a real estate development company that directs construction and renovation projects in the student housing sector. Their team has the know-how to provide high-quality, disability-compliant housing as well as attractive returns for their investors.

Why invest in student housing?

The Roche Holding team purchases and renovates student housing, with a focus on creating accessible living for students, including those with disabilities.
Their goal is to ensure all students can live in close proximity and enjoy university life together.

Their team is looking for land, multi-family properties, and small commercial real estate projects that can be transformed into student accommodation.
Additionally, they are seeking investors interested in buying completed properties which would result in both attractive returns as well as societal benefit by facilitating all students access to housing equipped for their needs. 

Student housing is a resilient asset class with the ability to drive returns even in depressed macro-economic environments. These investments usually outperform traditional, residential multi-family apartment rentals due to ever-growing student enrollment. The student populace is further enhanced by the increasing number of international students studying in the United States each year.

Company background

Mickael Roche is an industry leader with extensive professional experience in real estate, including both residential and commercial investment projects.

His success for over 20 years in real estate development in France have enabled him to continue his endeavors in the United States, with an emphasis on student accommodation and special attention to the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Today Mickael works closely with architects and project managers, considering all facets of the Fair Housing Act and suggestions from specialists on equipment needs for students on the autism spectrum.


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FRAMCO is thrilled to have Roche Holding as a member and we look forward to being a part of their success!

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