Namakor Holdings: Helping companies reach their full potential

In an ultra-competitive environment, most companies aim to increase their market share and grow their revenues. To this end, they need to implement a strategy. This is where Namakor Holdings comes in. 

Namakor makes long-term investments in promising manufacturing or service companies that are looking for assistance with succession planning, buying a new business, optimizing the operating structure or developing new markets. It assists companies in the preparation of a strategic plan and an execution plan.  

Why call upon Namakor Holdings?

Being a partner of NAMAKOR Holdings means having a privileged access to some powerful management tools as well as to a complete network of professionals.

Its management team, one of the most efficient, will be able to answer all your needs or questions, whether it is about marketing, communication, promotion, business law or taxation. 

Namakor participates in the elaboration of the business strategy, researches and analyzes market development opportunities, offers operational support and supports merger and acquisition activities. 

“We invest for you and we invest with you.” – Patrick Dussault

As entrepreneurs themselves, they are fully aware of the issues and challenges that companies may face. This is why they choose to make a long-term commitment, allowing companies to achieve maximum profitability in a sustainable manner.  Namakor provides personalized support and tailor-made guidance for the management of the company’s operations. Their exceptional level of involvement in the ongoing management of each company in their portfolio is also the basis of their joint success.

“When NAMAKOR Holdings invests in a company, it is much more about commitment than involvement.” – Patrick Dussault

Be accompanied by industry leaders

When Namakor gets involved in the operation of a company, it does not only invest capital but above all its management skills and its recognized entrepreneurial experience to ensure the growth and sustainability of companies.

The firm has a seasoned team divided into 4 groups organized as follows: 
– A management team that includes experienced managers with complementary talents. Led by the two co-founders, the team is involved in all elements of each file: identification, analysis, diligence, structure, closing, integration and active growth management.
– An investment team with M&A specialists who have a keen understanding of the strategic issues involved in optimizing the profitability of an investment as well as a proven track record in developing relevant financial models and meticulously executing the due diligence process.
– An operating team represented by recognized results-oriented leaders. Their commitment to successfully completing ambitious strategic plans and outperforming competitors is reflected in their daily focus on process optimization and enthusiastic mobilization of their troops.
– A detail-oriented administration team dedicated to the meticulous preparation of all required internal and external documentation and to meeting the tightest deadlines.


If you are looking for more information, do not hesitate to have a look at the Namakor Holdings website:

Tampa office: (813) 614-7422

FRAMCO is thrilled to have Namakor as member and we look forward to helping companies reach their full potential together!

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