Jade Fiducial – advisory & tax services firm

About the creation:

Jade Fiducial adventure started in 2003 when Emmanuel Jaeglé and Olivier Sureau launched the idea of offering advisory and tax optimization services for individual and companies wishing to settle in the USA. Both founders achieved a double diploma in certified public accounting as “Expert-Comptable” (CPA).

Jade Fiducial extends from Europe to the USA: Paris, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Washington etc.

About Jade & Fiducial:

To allow JADE to further develop and enable the practice to offer a larger range of services, JADE joined the international firm FIDUCIAL, already operational in the US since 1999.

JADE henceforth benefits from technical and logistic support from a large firm whose corporate purpose has always been to serve SME’s by offering them a full-service package at affordable price. The next step is a further development of JADE FIDUCIAL in North America and on other continents.

Allowing you to carry out your projects and showing that the French and French-speaking can succeed “abroad” is also part of their philosophy!

Their services:

– Assistance in setting up businesses and companies
– Financial, tax and payroll services
– Management analysis and recommendations
– Company domiciliation
– Tax and social consulting
– Filing of tax returns
– Follow up throughout the year

Why Jade Fiducial and not another firm?

1. The firm is led by French and American CPAs who have perfect knowledge of the French and American tax systems.

Since the french-american tax treaty is very intricate and as nothing should be left to chance in tax matters, your tax affairs must be given serious consideration.
Having their CPAs on your side, who fully understand the critical aspects of your taxes, ensures that you will comply with all tax return requirements and will have accurate advice to help you minimize your global tax situation on both sides of the Atlantic.
Jade Fiducial daily goal is to never make you pay more than you owe and help you save tax dollars!

2. An evolving territorial network for being as close as possible to the expats and French-speaking companies operating in the USA or wishing to do so.

By opening new offices year after year, JADE FIDUCIAL wants to be as close as possible to you in order to provide fitted proximity services and make life easier for you! 
By using the latest communication tools and offering Cloud services to its clients, JADE FIDUCIAL makes the world a much smaller place and promotes an easy dialogue.
Their ambition on a daily basis is to leave you as little time as possible with unanswered questions.

3. Their francophone staff members are committed to serving their clients with high-level care, professionalism, punctuality and friendliness.

As it is important for their clients to have a good understanding with their advisors, JADE FIDUCIAL hires French-speaking staff who mostly already have a relevant experience in France and master the French General Accounting Chart as well as the American accounting standards.
American tax experts complete the team to give support in more complex situations.

So, why wait ? Contact them !


Address: 990 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 701, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: (305) 579-0220
Website: https://www.jade-fiducial.com/us

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