Learn more about the various business and other services offered by FRAMCO.

Services Offered by FRAMCO

FRAMCO offers a variety of services to support both member and non-member businesses. 


Communications, Sponsored Events, & Promotions

Participate in newsletters, webinars, and other promotion to show your expertise & attract potential clients.


Learning Expeditions

A full-service solution to learning about the U.S. market and how to adapt your business to suit it.


Networking Events

Meet the contacts who can help your Tampa Bay Area business grow and succeed.


Mentoring by Experienced Business owners

Get advice and develop the skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Virtual Addresses

Legitimize your small business with a virtual address.


Independent Sales Reps

A better option for many companies than hiring a full time in-house sales representative.



We can help your business recruit qualified young French professionals with the Volunteer for International Experience program.

  • Become a FRAMCO Member

    FRAMCO's members have access to our member network and a variety of other events and services. Learn more about our memberships and apply online here!

Why Choose Us

What makes us stand out among similar organizations?

  • Extensive Network

    With members in a huge variety of fields, we're able to connect you with contacts who can help your business succeed. 

  • Expert Help

    Our members are well-respected within their respective fields and are scrutinized before joining to verify their reliability.

  • Affordability

    FRAMCO membership gives you access to business connections and new potential clients without the high costs of lead generation. 

  • Stay Connected

    We'll keep you connected to the expatriate community and updated on relevant news affecting our member businesses. 

  • Business Services

    Sustain your growth with necessary business services including virtual addresses, advertising and marketing, legal help, and more.

  • Business Expansion

    We'll guide you in expanding your business by connecting you with the appropriate agencies and businesses necessary for success. 

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