discover Dominique Martinez, owner of Red Door No.5 and founder of Rustic Steel Creations

Red Door No.5 & Rustic Steel Creations:

“De La Fête À L’Art”

I am delighted to announce that today I will be meeting with Dominique Martinez, the owner of Rustic Steel and Red Door No.5!I was quite excited to find a well-known French artist living in Tampa.

Dominique moved with his parents from the Parisian suburbs to New York when he was just 7 years old. Initially, he wasn’t a big fan of school.
The only classes that interested him were all art related. He stated, “I was taking 4 art classes per day in high school, and the rest of the time I was drawing, painting…”

Dominique started working to feed his passion. One day in New York, a unique opportunity arose when Dominique was contemplating some artwork that was being delivered to an antique’s dealer.

He spent so much time observing the beauty of the sculptures and paintings, that he caught the attention of the owner who offered him a job right there on the street!
“I got the best possible arts education working in this gallery for several years, touching with my eyes and my hands Persian rugs, Flemish paintings, French Bronze sculptures, etc.” 

After moving to Tampa 30 years ago, Dominique purchased the old fire station located on N. Florida Avenue in Tampa Heights from the city. It has been an incredible 10 year journey to achieve what he has accomplished today.
He said, “I knew I could offer a location people never have seen before, by mixing old, modern, & eclectic styles.”. The result is above anyone’s expectations.

Red Door No.5 is a truly charming and inspirational place where any kind of venue can happen, from our FRAMCO events to elegant weddings! Up to 200 people can gather there. As happy as I was to hear about Red Door No 5, I sincerely wanted to ask Dominique about his own artistic creations.

Indeed, Dominique had started assembling metal pieces found in his best friends’ warehouse and became a welding artist, creating pieces of art from steel and iron.
Today “Rustic Steel Creations” employs 10 people, 5 dedicating their talent to commissioned custom art and decorating high-end homes.

Dominique envisions more than a business with Rustic Steel Creations. He wants to have an impact on our environment, as his company only uses recycled materials. He is also working with the City of Tampa on an educational project for “inner city kids” to which art is not easily accessible.

He is currently working to create a Rustic Steel Academy, and will keep us posted on this meaningful project.
Dominique likes to cook, and Tampa is “a stew with lots of spices” to him. His favorite book is the famous “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and he encourages any newcomer to still view America as a country of opportunity: “Be yourself, seize the opportunity. I truly mean it.”

If you are thinking of holding an event in Tampa, (wedding, holiday party, birthday…) please check Dominique’s website: and call Danielle who is in charge of marketing and events booking at : 813-620-2005.

Go to to see all of Dominique’s creations!

The Bull, one of Dominique’s creation

Pascale Durand, Board member at FRAMCO.

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