David Willig: Multicultural Attorney, Notary and Mediator

David Willig is an international attorney qualified in both the US and Europe, in Paris and Florida Bar. He is admitted to practice in all of the Federal courts in Florida, as well as other states. 


David is a multilingual expert, mastering English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages he studied at l’INALCO in France. He studied law at Institute of Comparative Law (part of Panthéon-Assas University) in Paris and the University of Miami School of Law. He also got a degree in French at the University of South Florida.

His Expertise

David was the first recommended and certified lawyer by the French Consulate of Miami. He is specialized in the areas of business law, contracts, litigation, intellectual property, estates, and successions. Thanks to his international background, David can deal with estate and successions in the US, France, and other countries

In Florida, he is labeled as a “Civil-Law Notary” which facilitates documentation for business and personal matters in ‘notarial’ countries, including almost all of Europe and South America. He can authentic an act of notary in French or English depending on the need. David is part of the International Union of Notaries (IUN) which is an NGO aiming to promote the activities of Notary throughout the world. 

David was named “Avocat Agree” of the Consulate General of France in Miami in 1997. He was the first to have that title applied, even before a list of French-speaking attorneys was available at the “Chancellerie Consulaire”.

He is certified as a Circuit Court Mediator in Florida. Therefore, David is able to assist in resolving a wide variety of suits and claims and can be of special assistance to non-English native speakers.


📍 2837 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129
📧 interlawlink@aol.com
☎️ (305) 860-1881

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