C’est la Vie: A touch of france in sarasota

C’est la Vie is a renowned French bakery and restaurant located in downtown Sarasota. Since its creation in 1997, this popular eatery has enjoyed much success. 

Market Evaluation

Let’s go back to the beginning, with Christophe Coutelle, owner of C’est la Vie.

After completing his studies in finance and accounting in France, Coutelle started his career working at his father’s business.

Eventually, he and his wife, Geraldine, decided to pursue careers beyond France. Ultimately, they conceived their own project based on providing gourmet French foods to the American market, where they noticed a distinct lack of this type of product. 

French bakery Sarasota

The results of their market research carried out in Sarasota showed mediocre “gourmet” products being sold at high prices. This was something the pair knew they could change for the better. 
This market analysis was the first step. Christophe and Geraldine knew the hardest part would be learning the business of baking! 
French food sarasota

A Dream Come True

With much dedication and perseverance, C’est la Vie opened its doors in 1997, replacing an old jazz bar. This cozy French restaurant would be the first to offer outdoor seating on Main Street to the delight of locals and tourists alike. 

Today, despite COVID, the bakery is doing exceptionally well and offers a wide selection of traditional French specialties such as quiche, crepes and of course, delicious desserts.

If you are in Sarasota or nearby, stop by to try your favorite French pastries!

French pastries florida
C’est la Vie is open daily for lunch and dinner at 1553 Main Street, Sarasota. 

Tél : 941-906-9575

FRAMCO is honored to have C’est La Vie as a member, as they represent the French savoir-faire and way of life in Sarasota.

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