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“As a child, learning your native tongue introduced you to the world. As an adult, learning a new language opens your eyes to a new culture, food, people, and history. Do not limit yourself to one language. Learn many. Choose Best French Tutor. “

Valérie Vogel Honniball is a French citizen born in Burgundy. She did a Master’s in French as a foreign language and modern literature. 

Building on her love for the French language and teaching, she began working as a French Instructor between 1998 and 2002, teaching multiple French courses at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France, and in several French institutes in Montpellier, France. 
Over the years, she grew through multiple experiences that led her to develop her own school and methodology. In 2017, she moved to Miami. 

Valérie Vogel Honniball has been the founder and general director of Best French Tutor for 5 years now. The Best French Tutor is based in Miami, where Valerie runs a local office. 

She then expanded to a second city, Fort Myers, FL. This recent expansion to Fort Myers is the inspiration behind her idea to offer her business as a franchise across the US: the Best French Tutor LLC. 

Valérie’s teaching philosophy

Best French Tutor’s method relies on lessons focused on listening and repetition. This is achieved by teaching the language through dialogue and conversation. It engages the student to create memories from the lesson rather than learning the material by heart. They train specific “muscles” until the information is embedded in your brain. The importance is to make the lesson entertaining so that the student is not passive. 

She has become a highly respected educator with her many students and among her peers.


Address: 830 SW 28th Street, Cape Coral, FL 33914
Phone: (305) 570-7963

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