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*We asked Alexis to write a short biography as well as a a summary of his services.

I live in Tours, Loire Valley in France. I grew up in a culinary tradition environment, with close family members owning restaurants, infusing my early memories with aromas of delectable cuisine and the clink of wine glasses.

As a child, Sunday meals at my grandparents’ house were treasured occasions. I can still recall my father’s meticulous attention to selecting the perfect wine, the satisfying pop of the cork, and the elegance of the pour. Those memories planted the seeds for my passion.

The true love affair with wine began in 2010, when I attended a wine-tasting class in Paris. Watching the sommelier guide the tasting, I had this feeling of a calling. I wanted to taste, learn, and most importantly, share this world with others.

Then I embarked on my wine education. Leaving behind my old job, I ventured into a tourist activity, teaching French wine appreciation to visitors in Paris between 2012 and 2016. It was an enchanting period where I was able to share my country’s rich wine heritage with the world.

In 2016, destiny guided me to the beautiful Touraine region, nestled along the Loire River. There, I laid down roots and took on the challenge of running an AOC – Appellation d’origine contrôlée – working hand in hand with over 120 wine estates. My days were spent immersed in both production and promotion.

Finally, in 2021, I returned to my first love: selecting and selling exquisite wines to my contacts in Europe and the US. Today, my joy lies in hand-picking bottles that don’t just satisfy the palate but narrate the stories of my clients.

This is the essence of my “Portrait” and my “cellar-building” wine offers!

A Whole Range of Possibilities:

I offer American residents the sale of French wines, shipped directly from France and delivered to their homes.
As American residents, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Personalized accompaniment – selection of wines according to your preferences: wine styles, favorite grape varieties
  • I offer wines that are hard to find in the USA, as they are often produced in quantities too small to be exported to the United States
  • You benefit from the exemption of French VAT (20%) on the price of the wine, allowing you to finance the transport and American taxes
  • Reception of the wines at your home, shipped from France (allow an average of 10-15 working days)

I have implemented two main offers:

  •  My “Portrait” offer.

I create your portrait, or that of a loved one, in 6 bottles of wine. Six bottles that tell your story. This is an offer that my clients often choose to give as a gift to a wine-loving friend, or a client!
Beforehand, I submit a questionnaire to you, allowing me to learn more about the person in question and before selecting wines that tell their story.

This offer starts at $400 (shipping and taxes included). Why not try it for yourself? Give it a try here

  • My cellar-building service

I assist you in building your wine cellar, selecting and sending wines from France that match your tastes and preferences. An initial interview allows us to frame this support: the number of bottles desired, your budget, and of course your tastes and preferences.
Generally, this accompaniment lasts for one year with two shipments of wine during the year.

I invite you to visit my website to learn more !

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